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Monique L. Aguirre

Monique L. Aguirre, M.A. born unto Gary and Kathy Aguirre in Chicago, IL and raised in Beverly Hills, CA she is the sister of one (Andrea D. Aguirre), a niece to a host of uncles and aunts with a plethra of cousins; Monique is a counseling therapist who has been blessed with the gift of prophecy for well over two decades. She is a woman that many could tell you "she shouldn't be here". Monique has had health challenges since birth, she has been pronounced dead 3-times, blind 3-times, overcome 11 surgeries and is a victor of a near death experience through a 4-day coma.  She began being a motivational speaker while at the end of her modeling career. The issues for which have been pressed upon her throughout the years to speak are Suicide, Self-Esteem, Understanding Your Value, Who's Really the Prisioner When a Parent is Incarcerated and Overcoming the Challenges of Medical issues.


As Monique continues to speak on the above topics, it is now time to share with others the gift that she received after going through her near death experience and coming out of a diabetic coma. Monique has only shared her gift with those close to her or those who have been placed on her heart by God to speak with.


Ms. Aguirre has had more than her fair share of occurances, events, and supernatural experiences all of which she has begun to reveal in her upcoming book "Touching Lives Through Vision". The understanding of her gift, has gotten better but with each year she is charged by God with more. Having the ability to see into other realms, seeing spirits both good and bad and having the abilty to speak into so many lives has been an uphill task but with the love of God, plenty of prayers, and support of family and dear friends she is now ready to share her gift with all.