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Talking Their Talk and...

            Enhancing Their Walk


The adolescents of today have many challenges and unfortunately, the challenges are only growing and causing problems. Monique has a strong belief that we all must reach into the lives of our young adults if they are experiencing troubles or not. Our young adults are having problems with Understanding Their Value, therefore the decisions they make are often obscured. When there is peer pressure, which 3 out of 8 experience, many comptemplate Suicide or run away and parents are not aware of their daily complexities. Self-Esteem falls short when clicks are involved so often our youth more than likely feel disliked, unattractive, not good enough; Monique believes in rebuilding those hidden feelings, and teaching the value of human beings and appreciating differences in character and in people.


There are 2 out 10 adolescents who have a Parent Incarcerated and keeps it a secret. That hidden information brings forth lies, embarrassment, being misunderstood, and hurt. When Ms. Aguirre speaks on this topic she has a sincere compassion because she herself has experienced all those feelings and more and can relate to those who believe that no one understands their pain.


Type I Diabetes has been a nagging struggle for Ms. Aguirre since the age of seventeen. Today the same problems are pressent, especially in teens who have to go through any Life Term Illness. She speaks on these issues only to encourgage, embrace and enlighten those who have medical challenges, how to live in a victorious way.



Monique Speaks life and helps transition the paths of many.

Our Youth are Our Tomorrow!!