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Monique, from the time we meet while volunteering in the new members data lab you have been an inspiration and blessing in my life. I recall the time you prophesized my home, over 10 years ago, as if it were yesterday. The three of us were on a mission to create a women's transition shelter and agreed to meet and discuss plans and options. We met at the home of Felicia and prior to the meeting we began to pray and the Holy Spirit was amongst us, took over and led the evening. You and I had not spoken about my personal life prior to this evening and the Holy Sprit intervened and you asked if I were seeking a home? You stated God has taken care of all my desires and provided a home in the eastern part of town, a white home with black shutters were the sun rise and set each day. You saw my feet in the grass and I had passed the home on numerous times. This was in April 2002 and in August 2012 it will be 10 years I have been in this thome. It is white with black shutters, the sun rises in the front and sets in the back, I passed it each day when visiting a friend on this side of town. In 2000 I move to Lithonia, GA and live with my brother. The home was built in 2001 and during those years it was when I met you and Felicia. I was unemployed and God led me to serve in the new member orientation lab. Each day I drive into the driveway I'm reminded of the phophetic word spoken that night and the events which led to the purchase. Felicia & I were at lunch and the spirit let us to look at home in Covington GA when the home manifested. Since moving in, there has been 4 different families to live here. It's God's blessing to me to bless others in times of need.


~~Cassandra B.


Monique is TRULY a gift from God to me!  It is a blessing to be in the presence of an individual that does not mind surrendering, and allowing God to use her.  I am amazed at the way God uses her.  She completely yields to him at any point!  I remember having a conversation with her, and in the midst of the conversation, she begins to give me a WORD from God, that does not have anything to do with our conversation!  It is as if she hears you talking, becomes engaged in the conversation with you, and attentive to God’s voice at the same time.  I have encountered this situation with her on multiple occasions, and she has NEVER been wrong.  It was always an ON-TIME WORD of confirmation or encouragement. What an AWESOME VESSEL God CHOSE to use!  She makes God PROUD!!!!


~~Nikkita W.


A group of friends were on vacation,siting around talking. A few of us had dozed off to sleep but I recall you and I staying up until the wee hours of the morning as God gave you words of prophecy that spoke directly to my spirit. God showed you that I had a sister that was very ill and that I needed to be there for her. Not knowing specifically wichich sister it was (I had 3), I made a vow to become closer to all my siblings. Three years later, my oldest sister became ill. God reminded me of our conversatio. I am very thankful that God used you to bridge the relationship gap between me and my sister before she transitioned to her eternal rest.


~~T. T.


Monique and I met 11 years ago. We were both volunteers in the New Member's Ministry at church (New Birth MB). We click and developed a friendship very quickly. We shared in some of the same interest, we both have a heat in working with young girls, we became prayer partners (Monique, Myself and another friend). We were all unemployed at the time so, we all dedicated our time volunteering at the church. One afternoon we were all at my house working on some business stuff. I can't recall what initiated, but we ended up in a praise party. We were praying for one another and once we ended the prayer, Monique started prophesizing what God had revealed to her about some things that were to come to pass in my life and our other friend's life. I was in awe when the things Monique spoke in the atmosphere that day came to pass just like she declared for both our friend and myself.


As a single parent and a husband who was incarcerated at the time, Monique would always pray with and for me. She would share some of the things that God was revealing to her.


Monique has been truly a blessing in mine and my kids life. Monique has touch the lives of some of my family members who live in other states, with her warmth and friendly spirit. She is such a true warrior. I can't even imagine having to go through the things she has gone through. I know now that everything was for a purpose and preparation for where she is in her life now.


~~F. Smith


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